Ultrasonic Cleaning 

Adams Cleaning Services offers ultrasonic cleaning specializing in fire restoration, window blind cleaning, medical cleaning, parts cleaning and more!  No more wasting your time cleaning unique shaped hard to clean objects, let us handle them for you!

Ultrasonic process cleans by transmitting high frequency sound waves through a bath of heated water. These sound waves produce millions of microscopic bubbles that form and collapse at extreme frequencies of approximately 40kHz (40,000 per second). This phenomenon is known as cavitation and produces an action that gently and quickly lifts dirt and contaminants away from most items within 15-30 seconds.

We offer a wide range of options for your office or building floor. Daily, weekly and monthly options are available to ensure your work environment remains clean and comfortable at all times.


Computer Equipment

Many people hold the belief that electronics cannot be placed in water. This is simply not true. An ultrasonic electronics cleaner can be used quite effectively to maintain and restore a broad range of equipment. We offer products specifically designed for optimum cleaning of circuit boards and electronics. 

Blinds and Window Treatments

Adams Cleaning Service’s Cleaner utilizes ultrasonic technology to clean mini blinds, vertical and venetian blinds and fabric shades. In addition, we clean fluorescent lens covers which greatly improves indoor lighting efficiency. Ultrasonic equipment cleans at the microscopic level and is the most thorough method available in the industry. We clean, not dust, the grime from the blinds and lenses. Ultrasonic sound waves not only clean the surfaces of the blinds, but also the cords, ladders, and wands while lubricating the internal headrail mechanisms.  For more information and