Environmental Solutions

Our solution to your problem…

Adams Cleaning Services brings new emergent technologies to our customers that safeguard health while being protective of the environment. We provide new innovative solutions to your everyday problems.Adams Cleaning Services has joined a diverse staff that includes Industrial Hygienists and Environmental Experts. Our products and services can help the industrial and individual consumers.Adams Cleaning Services provides specialized break-through products that disinfect & protect indoor environments.Our expertise is the evaluation of emerging technologies and selecting those that can best serve our diverse client base.

Pest Control

Scientifically proven pest control solutions for the Lodging, JAN-SAN, Restoration, Entertainment, Education, Mass Transit, Pest Control, Shipping and Travel industries.

Safety Products

Hygienic Solutions US develops and actively markets industry specific safety products to protect employees and employers from predictable catastrophe situations.

Environmental Consulting

Hygienic Solutions US offers industrial environmental consulting services for indoor air quality issues, hazardous waste material handling and disposal, pathogenic remediation projects.